All our trucks have built in track and trace equipment. To provide our customers with better data quality, we collect up to 15 different data points from every truck.



Intensity of braking

What does it mean to you?

The data we receive from trucks can be automatically forwarded to you, or we could tailor solutions to meet your needs and requirements. Of course, if you do not need much, it can simply be a pin on the map showing you the real-time location of your cargo.


Have you ever considered how much time you could save if your IT system could communicate with ours? By automating the data transfer between the two systems, we ensure all information is logged in your management system and presented in a way that allows you to make quick business decisions. Allow our technology specialists to build an interface that will enable us to work more efficiently together, saving you time and money.


A tailored solution adopted for the smaller businesses. It gives you better control of the transportation process, as well as providing you with structured data. In addition, you will get your own cargo management system, saving you up to 50% of a logistics manager’s time.

Shipping dangerous goods (ADR) across the Europe

Our trucks are technically modified for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)