About Us

Xmile Logistics

A next-generation transport and freight forwarding company. Focused on delivering exceptional service to our customers, we invited a team of logistics experts and IT specialists. Best IT solutions and 25+ years of experience in logistics will ensure holistic transport and freight forwarding services.

What does it mean to you?

Your freight will be safely delivered by the Xmile Logistics’ privately owned fleet, equipped with the latest tracking technology developed by our experts. Connecting transportation and IT industries together, we can truly deliver on our promise to go the extra mile for you. It is in our name – Xmile!


To provide the most innovative transportation services that save our customers’ time and money.


To become the most digitised road transportation company, while maintaining a personal connection with customers and colleagues.

Shipping dangerous goods (ADR) across the Europe

Our trucks are technically modified for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)